What is the relationship between people and the environment?

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What is the relationship between people and the environment?

Post  Lisa Ella Humenberger on Sun Apr 03, 2011 5:04 pm

Today, environmental issues are becoming more of a problem and is receiving worldwide attention. The relationship between humans and environment has changed from the early periods of human settlement on the earth until today. For example, early humans thought that the environment was dominant, as in it ruled over them. They were afraid of lightning and thunder, dense forests, wild animals, vast oceans and large rivers. The environment affects us humans in many different ways like population on earth varies due to variation in the environment. The main factors which affect the distribution of population and human settlement are:

Relief of Land:
Populations of high mountains are much harder to establish then living on flat areas. It is much harder to construct roads, railways and even communication. Also because mountains are very steep, it is quite hard for industries and agriculture could not be possible.

Climate also plays an important role when it comes to population settlements. Areas with cold climate like: North Siberia, North Canada, and Alaska have low density of population. In hot areas like:
Sahara, Kalahari Desert in Africa, and Great Australian Desert it isn't suitable for humans to live there because of its hot and dry lands. Tropical climates with heavy rains and temperature, not many people live there either, but in favorable climates, many people do live there.

Rich soils are super important. It is important because of its use of planting crops so we can feed the populations and also to export the goods which are produced. If the soil isn't rich, it is most likely that no civilization will be found there because it would be useless.

Mineral Deposits:
Mineral wealth is also a big factor for population. For example: the presence of coal and iron-ore in different parts of the world has attracted huge population. Coal mining regions have become regions with large population.

Water Supply:
Population distribution is much affected with water supply. The early settlements developed on the river banks or near lakes to have enough water to drink from. Also irrigation systems are much easier for the farmers to maintain their crops with the right amount of water.

Plants exist for the sake of animals, and animals for the sake of man-the tame for use and food, and the wild, if not all, at least the greater part of them, for food and for the provision of clothing and various instruments. Now, if nature makes nothing in vain, [it follows] that she has made all animals for sake of man.
- Aristotle

Do you think that the relations are important?

Sources: textbook
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Re: What is the relationship between people and the environment?

Post  Valeria Kamenetska on Sun Apr 03, 2011 8:54 pm

The environment is really important, but most of the time we don't notice that because we are surrounded by technology and we don't see today's nature that much. I'm not sure if I would wanna see some places in the world that look horrible today because of the industry. I wish today people treated nature as they did before.

Valeria Kamenetska

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