Public Education during the 1800's

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Public Education during the 1800's

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In 1800s’ reformers told the government that it was necessary basic education for the society, so they could have a modern society. They teach the basic things, which were reading, writing, and arithmetic. They wanted citizens to be better by teaching the children basic things necessary in life, because they were going to be the one’s in the future. Industrialized societies also thought that it was needed literature, so kids could have basic education. The schools also taught discipline, obedience, and were strict with punctuality; in Europe kids learned about religion. Many of the teachers educated themselves. Students went to school when they were not helping their parents or working at the farm, this happened in rural areas. During the late 1800’s, the education of elementary got better and there were a lot more kids; the government also created high school, which is after elementary. In high school, they learned the languages Latin, and Greek, and also mathematics and history. Only middle class could afford high schools, it was for students who were going to be working with the government, or serious studies. Middle class girls went to school but it was only for them to become good wives and mothers. Colleges and universities also existed at this time, but the only one’s who could afford it were the middle class and upper class. They teach ancient history, languages, philosophy, religion, law, and later chemistry and physics. Few collages and universities gave the opportunity to women educate themselves and study what they preference. Very Happy

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