Rett Syndrome

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Rett Syndrome

Post  Reny P. on Fri Apr 01, 2011 11:59 am

Rett syndrome is a nervous system disorder that leads to developmental reversals, especially talking and hand use.To have Rett syndrome you must be born with it. This disorder mostly occurs in girls. Like other sexually transmitted disorders, this gene is on the X chromosomes. Since girls have 2 X chromosomes the second X is what causes the child to survive but have the disorder. On the other hand men don't have a second X chromosome, therefore if the boy had the disorder it would lead to a miscarriage. That's why Rett syndrome usual occurs in girls.

Breathing problems
Excessive saliva and drooling
Floppy arms and legs -- frequently the first sign
Intellectual disabilities
Loss of normal sleep patterns
Severe language development problems

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