The Magna Carta

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The Magna Carta

Post  Hlabelle on Fri Apr 01, 2011 9:58 am

In my opinion, the Magna Carta, signed by King John of England in 1215, was significant because it assured no abuse from higher ranking people on the people that preceeded them. The Magna Carta was created to prevent this abuse and to grant most of the rebellious vassals demands.

Becasue of the conflicts King John had with France, Pope Innocent III, and with the English church and barons he was forced to sign it.

The Magna Carta was created to limit the kings power in three main points: due taxation of law, which is that the king must respect all legal rights of a person; freedom of movement, which is that people would be able to come and go as they pleased into england to buy or to sell; and taxation only with the consent of legislature, this meant that if the king wanted to increase taxes he had to consult the laws makers and have them aprrove this. The third point was created to avoid the king from increasing taxes to meet his own needs.

The Magna Carta is and was a significant document because it limited everyones writes not only the higher ranking men. It protected everyone. It has also influenced many of the laws of nations of today. If the Magna Carta hadn't been created there would of problably been many more conflicts then and now. What your opinion of thwe Magna Carta?


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