Church of Hagia Sophia

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Church of Hagia Sophia

Post  Marielly Martinez on Fri Mar 25, 2011 10:04 am

Hagia Sophia is an ancient cathedral of the church of Constantinople, located in modern-day istanbul. It was converted to a temple by the Turks and its now use as a museum. It's know as one of the great buildings of the world and one of the best srchitecture. Constantius II, was who built the firts great church. It was burnt down in 532 and they rebuild it between 532 and 537 under supervision of Justinian the Great. This church is very popular and know by it's dimension. For over 900 years was the seat of the patriarch of Constantinople and principal place for ceremonies. It was converted to a palace after the fall of Constantinople. In 1934, this church was secularized (separated from religious) and turned into a museum.

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