The Genius of Charles Darwin

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The Genius of Charles Darwin

Post  Reny P. on Sun Mar 20, 2011 9:44 pm

In the documentary we watched in class Richard Dawkins tells us we have to be open minded and we have to admit we are sometimes wrong. In the documentary he focuses on informing us about Charles Darwin (Born in 1809) and his theories. He was one of the few who thought of evolution, which now Dawkins considers a simple idea. In schools people were taught that the earth was created by god thousands of years ago. Now in modern day, some schools are taught with Darwin's theory of evolution, but people still prefer to believe in their religion. Dawkins went to a school and asked a group of students if they believed in evolution. They all denied evolution because of their religion. Dawkins tried showing them evidence of evolution (the after effects) so they could see and touch and maybe they would change their minds.

Turns out Charles Darwin was more of country person. He liked shooting and fishing. He noticed an effect on islands. He kept wondering why god made similar animals like iguanas, were they related? Then Darwin discovered some fossils, which helped him discover the process of evolution. The fossils he found looked like giant versions of animals he knows. The discovery of fossils was a big challenge to the Orthodox church in his time. Darwin thought the earth was created long before the bible tells us.

Dawkins took the group of students to a beach filled with fossils. He told him that you would normally find fish fossils. Which meant mammals didn't exist back then. Which led fish to changed into amphibians, changed into repitles, which changed into birds, then into mammals.

Charles Darwin's novel "On the Origins of Species" was published 150 years ago. It took him 20 years of research to come up with the ideas he wrote in his novel. He noticed many animals had the same bone structure. Which led him to believe every living thing on earth was related. Dawkins used a piano to illustrate evolution. In which the origins of life at the bottom and recent times at the top. He said that most of the keys in between were bacterias. After a while Darwin was obsessed with pigeons and began to analyze them. After years of investigation Darwin came up with the theory of natural selection, in which he found out that the traits animals inherited is what helped them survive in the wild.

-notes from documentary in class-
Reny P.

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