A Victorian Home.

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A Victorian Home.

Post  Lisa Ella Humenberger on Sun Mar 20, 2011 9:28 pm

I am on my way to visit my mother in London. As I made my way, I wondered if many things have changed since the last time I was there. Everything was different. As I got out of the carriage, I could see the big brick building standing in front of me which was once a small cottage. You could see the slate roof, the stone details and the excessive use of decorations. As I approached the door, a man opened it and asked for my coat. I assumed it must have been a butler. Inside, my mother was eager to see me and showed me the new built house. It was incredible. The were excessive decorations everywhere but it seemed just right. There were fancy stuffed up chairs, heavy drapes hanged on the leaded glass windows which made the room quite darker than it seemed. Mirrors, pictures and colorful wallpaper filled the room. There were great sanitation systems and a boiler to get both hot and cold water. Also underneath the house was a cellar were you could store anything. Butlers were running around serving and doing their duties for their masters. I was all so beautiful and colorful. I wish I could stay longer but my carriage was on the wait outside ready to take me back home.

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