executions take place in Iran

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executions take place in Iran

Post  ebeli on Mon Feb 28, 2011 7:06 pm

There have been a large number of executions in Iran in this past month of January, not including the executions of the other months from March until December. Seems that every month that passes, the executions increase in a exaggerate way. The people are protesting for this reason, which have made a negative impact in Iran society. One of the most difficult and undesirable months were December and January due to winter, where the executions had increase more than three hundred per cent. The department of the Humans Rights in Iran had confirmed that during this month, seventy-nine people were execute in front of thousands of people or in prisons and more then twenty people were convicted to death. Every nine hours, they hung a person in Iran. The past month, officials have arrested more then hundred political, cultural, ethnic or religious activists. Every day they arrest amounts of ten to fifth teen citizens. More then three hundred of citizens have been arrest and sent to jail only in this past month. It has also been confirm by the Human Rights House of Iran, that in this month of February thirty people have been executed for dealing with drugs, six were executed for raping, a person executed for been against of god-Moharebeh and two people executed for murder. Nevertheless, there is more to add, four political were execute and three more were a during the post elections riots for causing terror and horror to the citizens. From the beginning of two thousand eleven, there has been estimate more then two-hundred thirty one people have been executed for drugs, twenty-seven for raping, and twenty-three for been enemy of god. In addition, there were 14 people for murder, seen for kidnapping and eleven were execute for political charges. The city of Tehran and cities that are around are the ones that had the most executions in the beginning of February and fifteen people were executed in the capital of Iran. It has been inform that there has been 26 executions in March, in June nineteen, July twenty-one, August twenty-four, October twenty-four, in November twelve, in December nineteen and in January eighty. Adding all the executions together and the month of February, the judicial system said that there have been more the three- hundred thirteen executions during the past eleven months in Iran; Iran is considerate one of the countries with highest execution in the Middle East since the past months. Iran has bee violating the rights of the labors six thousand seven hundred thirty seven times, of the university students forty-two times, and political activists one hundred fifteen-nine times by taking advantage of their freedom of speech. Nine people without a home have died frozen due to the heavy winter. The Islamic Republic Supreme Court attack the people who are against executions and death penalty and telling the people that this bring security to the society. These past months, many factory workers have been protesting because they have not paid them and more the two-hundred of workers have been arrest. There has been a big percent of people without jobs due that the government has reported that there was going to be a delay of many months in paying the employers, in factories and in workhouses. Because there has not been good security in workplaces, more then three people have been killed by robbers and terrorist. The employers are also protesting because they do not pay them extra, when they work for extra hours and not helping with insurance. As you can see there has been many rights violated, and people are protesting because they now that what is going on is not write. The citizens are also protesting to end the dictatorship and taking Egypt a motivation to be a democratic and free country were there is no dictator. The protestors said that they would not stop until they see the change that they want. The citizens are motivated and prepare too do anything that is necessary. Most countries and citizens questioned themselves: “what is going to happen next, how the government will react?” most people predict that the government will defeat the protesters as they did in the year 2009. One of the citizens said that, “we think that there is a need to be a commitment to open up the political system in Iran, to hear the voices of the opposition and civil society.” protestors are desperate, and people are aware of things because they know that anything can happen.

Resources: http://www.rahana.org/en/?p=10222
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXugkhVNdlQ&feature=related- there is this video about what is happening!!!

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