A difference finally being made in Haiti?

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A difference finally being made in Haiti?

Post  cierrawright on Thu Feb 24, 2011 3:12 pm

With recycling the rubble from the earthquake in Haiti in 2010, new homes are being able to be built. Also, something called an "Earthship".

American architect Michael Reynolds had dedicated himself to building self-sufficient homes.
He feels that there is too much in the world going on that is aimed towards design, culture, and tradition, but not really at taking care of people. In his exact words, "If something takes care of people in a healthy way and doesn't harm the plant that we're on, then I'm for it."

Earthships have been built in every state of the U.S. and some parts of Europe. Earthships are made mostly from recycled materials. The earthships are an economy friendly solution to housing the one million Haitians who still live in tents and temporary shelters. Much of the Earthship is built by used materials, with rubble from the earthquake being used to provide flooring and walls. Different structures are also being built with the aim of being disaster-proof.

The only way to ensure that Haiti will not have such a high number of victims in any possible future disaster is to built according to anti-seismic and as well as to anti-hurricane.

Just because a year has passed, people have seemed to turn their backs on the country of Haiti when still many people are left homeless. Nice to know that someone is finally trying to make a difference.



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