Aztec Gods

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Aztec Gods

Post  NVillar on Mon Feb 21, 2011 7:36 pm

The Aztec empire had many God and Goddesses. The had a God for everything. Some of the Gods were: The cheif god who was Huitzilopochtli the sun god. Patecatli he was the God of healing and fertility. Paynal was the personator and messenger of Huitzilopochtli. He took over all the functions while Huitzilopochtli was traped in the underworld. Quetzalcoatl was the God of creation. There was also the God of civilization and learnig, The God of agriculture. Quetzalcoatl is a perfect representation of saintliness. He taught men science and the calendar and devised ceremonies. He discovered corn, and all good aspects of civilization. Tecciztecatl "old man God" He was the lunar god. He could"ve been the sun god but he feared the sun's fire. So ,Huitzilopochtli took ove and sent Tecciztecatl to the moon. Tepeyollotl was the good of earthquakes, echoes, and jaguars.Teoyaomqui was the god od dead warriors. He was also considered the god of the sixth hour. Tepoztecatl was the god of pulque, of drunkenness and fertility.Tezcatlipoca or "smoking mirror" was the god of the night, the north, temptation, sorcery, beauty and war.Tlalocthe was god of rain and fertility. He was greatly feared among the Aztecs, who drowned children to appease him. They believed that Tlaloc was responsible for both floods and droughts, and that he had been created by the other gods.Tonantzin "Honored grandmother," was among the many names of the female earth-deity. Xilonen she was the goddess of young maize. She was a wife of Tezcatlipoca. Called 'the hairy one' for the tassels of the corn. As you can see the Aztec civilization had many god. They had a god for everything.


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