The Mayans - 2012 end of the world?

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The Mayans - 2012 end of the world?

Post  Reny P. on Sun Feb 20, 2011 11:15 pm

The Mayans had a social ladder in which the lower class were farmers and slaves, the middle class were workers, and the higher class were nobles. They developed a system of math and hieroglyphics. They also had advanced road systems and built pyramids. They believed science and religion were one. Most importantly the created many calendars, Such as the one with 269 days, 365 days, 125 years, but the one that has been most popular lately is that one that says the world will "end" in December 2012.

Since 2009 people have been talking about how the world will end in 2012. Many movies were made, in which they show what might happen. Lots of people believe that we might all die, but others find it all a lie. People thought that the dead birds on the street were a sign of the world ending. On my behalf, i believe that the Earth's poles aren't shifting, but they are a bit unstable. This might cause earthquakes in the near future, and some other natural disasters. Nothing too serious, maybe a new beginning.

Do you guys believe in 2012? Could something actually happen? How did the Mayan's think of this 2,000 years before common era?
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