Independence of Peru

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Independence of Peru

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In 1820, San Martin landed in Paracas with troops of Chile, Argentina and some from Spain. He installed in Picas and sent delegates to the Conference of MiraFlores, hoping to convince the viceroy Joaquin Penzuela to corporate with the independence of Peru. He couldn’t convince him so he moved to Huaura, closer to Lima. In the beginning of 1821, several cities in northern Peru joined the Patriots and started to have some realistic battalions. This provoked the "Mutiny Aznapuquio" (January 1821), where a group of Spanish generals forced viceroy Penzuela to renounce and put as the new viceroy, Jose de la Serna. Martin proclaimed the independence of Peru in Lima. The ceremony was hold at the Plaza Mayor, 28 July 1821.San Martin had the title of protector of Peru. San Martin try to get help from Simon Bolivar but he not accepted to go to Peru while San Martin had power. San Martin stops any responsibility he had with the government and left from Peru. In 1821 in July 22, the congress named president of Peru Don Bernardo de Tagle, who called Simon Bolivar. Bolivar was proclaimed dictator in February 1824, settled in Trujillo and organized the United Army Liberator. August 6, they beat the Realistic at the Battle of Junín and 9 December at the Battle of Ayacucho winning both of them. The viceroy Juan de la Serna was expulsed from Peru and sent to jail. So the independence of Peru was in 1824 December 9! and my sociales book also.

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