Juan Pablo Duarte and the Dominican Republic independence

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Juan Pablo Duarte and the Dominican Republic independence

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Juan Pablo Duarte was a Dominican patriot. He was a son of Spanish but he was born in the Dominican Republic. He traveled to the United States and Europe at a young age and later he studied in Spain and was leader of the Trinity, a secret society of independence ideas. In 1843, 2, 1843 in 1843, he fought with Haitian revolutionaries to overthrow Boyer, but the goal of Duarte was the independence of the Spanish part of the island, so they continued their fighting for the independence of the Dominican Republic after the fall of Boyer. He was been pursued by the new Haitian government, so he had to live the island because he was in danger; he exiled in Venezuela. He went back after one year, called buy a group of people who were starting a movement called 27 De Febrero (27 of February). The goal was to make the Dominican Republic independent. After a couple battles, the cause of independence won in the year 1846 of February 27. The Haitians were sent back to their part of the island; boundaries were set between Haiti, and the Dominican Republic. Juan Pablo Duarte was receive on the14 of March, the new government as a national hero and was nominate army general. The triumph of the movement started on February 27 urged Haitian President Herard to invade the Republic with an army divided into two bodies, one of which penetrated to the north and another to the south. Pedro Santana corresponded to deal with this and to achieve a victory in Azua, 19 March. However, victory was not the result, so the genera Santana went disorderly to Bani and he demanded the French Consul, to make valid their promises on the protectorate. Meanwhile, in Haiti, the defeat of his army caused a serious political crisis that was use by Santana for their dominance. Therefore, Duarte was order to head to Bani, with a military force, so they could make an agreement with Santana on going against the invader. When this agreement is not possible, Duarte required the Board the necessary authority to act on their own, the Board representative of the sector along with Santana called colonialist, a supporter of union with Spain, ordering Duarte to return with their troops to the capital. The disagreement between the colonial and duartismo sector became evident. Duarte was exile again.

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