Crisis in Egypt

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Crisis in Egypt

Post  Reny P. on Sun Jan 30, 2011 9:02 pm

The president of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak, has been in power for 30 years all ready (1981 - 2011). He considered the country as if it were in a permanent state of emergency. Thats why the country has been ruled under Egypt's Emergency Law. Many may consider him a dictator.
Recently, about a week ago, protest began in Egypt. People complain of poor living conditions, economic conditions, and financial reasons. More than half of the population in Egypt is poor. When i went there i saw many of unfinished buildings filled with homeless people. The president also recently brought up the prices on food, which is why the protest began now.
Egypt is currently in a state of anarchy. There are military on the streets, tanks, helicopters in the sky, protester. The police has disappeared since 2 days.This is the perfect time for looters (robbers) to steal. Thats why the Cairo museum has been vandalized, all the treasures and mummies have been destroyed. In the apartments where my aunt lives in, all the men have gone to the entrance to protect their homes. Not to mention, the prisoners have broken free (in the area out side of Cario). They have also stolen gun, so now there are loose armed prisoners on the street with no police. Many people have died. Even though war has broken out, every Egyptian still stops anything their doing just so they can pray (5 times a day).

Turkey has already sent two planes to evacuate its citizens, since no one is allowed to enter or leave the country. Israel has closed its embassy in Cairo. The US is also planning to send planes to Cairo to evacuate diplomats. Hosni has also made the government resign.

How long do you think this crisis will last? Is there anything their allied countries can do to help? Where is their president now? Do you consider it respectful that they drop everything their doing so they can pray?

Reny P.

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