The Crystal Palace

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The Crystal Palace

Post  Paola fix on Mon Jan 24, 2011 10:51 pm

The Crystal Palace was built to exhibit many of the works that were built from different nations, during the Industrial Revolution, also known as, The Great Exhibition of 1851. The great glass building had a space of 990,000 square feet for exhibitors from all over the world that gathered their latest technology and shared them beside 14,000 other exhibitors. After the exhibition was held they had moved the building to a safer place called Sydenham Hill, a rich area in London. Joseph Paxton, was the creator of the palace, he was knighted in recognition of his great work. Paxton had experimented with iron and glass where he found the idea of making large greenhouses that were strong and lasted long, many other Planners were inspired by his ideas. Huge trees from the Sydenham Park were enclosed inside the Palace. The Palace also had the first public restrooms installed.
There had to be an end to the exhibition, it was a six month limitation, where after, something had to be done with the building. It was decided that the Palace would be enlarged and moved again to an area called Penge Place. About two years later Queen Victoria decided to open it up again, not only with exhibitions but also holding concerts, and public entertainment. Many important events were held in the Palace during the time. But unfortunately on November 30th 1936 the Palace had burnt down. As two employees tried to get rid of a small fire going on they called the fireman, it took a few a couple of hours for the palace to disappear, the glow of all the glass was visible across eight counties! They were not able to extinguish the fire, even with the help of 400 fireman. About 100,000 came to Sydenham Hill to watch the Palace bursting into flames. Later they realize that the building was not insured and to cover the cost of the damages in the fire.
Throughout the years people have had numerous proposal on what to construct in that area, many had the idea of rebuilding a new Crystal Palace, with new projects inside.
* What do you think should be built in the area of Sydenham Park ?? * Very Happy

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