Cahiers, Louis XVI calls the Estates General

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Cahiers, Louis XVI calls the Estates General

Post  Paola fix on Sun Jan 16, 2011 4:35 pm

Louis XVI called upon the three estates to meet at Versailles. To prepare for the meeting all estates were required to list their grievances in what is called Cahiers. The Cahiers, listed from the Estates Generals had the opportunity to ask the king of what they needed the most such as, fairer taxes, freedom of the press, or regular meetings to discuss topics. Writing in Cahiers made people think hard of what France really needed and how they could fix their problems. The first Estate, the Clergy called for an end to bishops that held more than one place in church and demanded those who were not nobles to become bishops. The Second Estate did not want to loose their privileges given by the king, like not paying taxes, they were nobles who stood practically beside the King. Some peasants of the Third Estate demanded to have the right of killing animals that were destroying their crops. King Louis would most likely not listen to what all peasants say since they have so many grievances that would be to hard to keep up with and they stand as the lowest class in society. The Cahiers were at a point of injustice, it took take for Louis XVI to consider all of these grievances, he collected the most significant ones that would help France in the state that they were in.
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